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We are proud to work with a long list of inspiring companies

This year's partners

The Partners of ACC 2020

Without the support and commitment of our Partners it would be impossible to organise ACC 2020. In week 14 we bring them all to Aarhus University .... 


The Case Company is the most prominent partner. They are the focus of the entire week and the company that the students will get to know thoroughly. Three cases are developed by our case writers with help and data from the case company. Earlier case companies include LEGO, Arla and last year’s Danfoss. 

The Case Company of ACC 2020 will be announced on February 19th


Our Premium Partners are vital to the high level of professionalism that symbols the ACC brand. They deliver inputs to the case writers and hold workshops for the participants – all to ensure that the case and corresponding solutions are of high quality. 

Furthermore, our Partners hosts additional events during the ACC Week. In 2020 Novozymes will host an event before the Aspire Finals and Aarhus BSS will host an event on Wednesday, April 1st.

Premium Partners


Case Company

Become a partner

Since 2012, Aarhus Case Competition has aimed to bridge some of the biggest companies in Denmark and ambitious students from Aarhus University and top students from the Nordic countries.

We seek to create memorable and educational experiences for the students through showcasing our partner companies in inspiring ways. Together with our partner companies, we organise several events that allow the students to develop their competencies and explore the real business world in order to give them a better idea of their future career path.

As a partner company, you get the unique opportunity to meet and network with hundreds of ambitious and highly skilled students. No matter what partnership you engage in, you will get exclusive access to the students and insights into how they solve problems and collaborate with each other. 

If your company wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us to hear more

Previous partners

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Supporting Organizations

Finance and Consulting Club Aarhus (FACCA) is a student association aiming at improving the link between students of Aarhus University with concurrent job-market. The association is open for Master students and students, who have passed two years of their ongoing Bachelor degree. The students must be currently enrolled at Aarhus University.


Aarhus BSS is a broad business school and one of the four faculties at Aarhus University. The school is home to six academic departments, all internationally recognised for their quality of educational and research activities, as well as a large number of internationally recognized research centers.


LeadFamly offers game-based lifecycle marketing software on a subscription basis, enabling companies in any industry to successfully connect, engage, and grow business anywhere in the customer lifecycle. Our easy-to-use software platform gives marketers a tool to design their own branded online marketing games. With more than 25 different game concepts to choose from, companies can find just the right concept to reach their marketing goals.

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Supporting organizations


Aarhus Symposium is an annual event of international class. The objective is to connect students of Aarhus University with the industry through an annual symposium facilitating constructive debates an dialogs of topics of today.


Aarhus University is a globally oriented university with a commitment to excellence in research and education and a strong and a strong engagement in the development of society. Owing to its size and impressive results as a research-intensive university, Aarhus University has a strong reputation and influence across the entire spectrum of disciplines locally, nationally and globally.


AIM Aarhus inspires students across AU within the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, through motivational speakers, workshops, case competitions and much more. AIM is focused around three actions; Innovation, Execution, and Networking as we equip our members with the toolbox to initiate and execute on their ideas and enable them to connect and find their cofounder through our platform.

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Studenterlauget is a non-profit student organization at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences. With more han 3.500 members, 300 student employees throughout the year and an annual turnover of 15 million DKK, they are also the biggest student organization in Denmark. They are for students by students and this saying permeates all of their undertakings.


AU Challenge engages students from across all AU faculties in solving challenges for external companies. The scope is to provide students with critical career skills, to train real-world problem solving and cross-disciplinary team collaboration capacity, and to substantialize and expand student forecasts on how and where they can apply their competencies.

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VentureLab is Lund University's startup hub aiming at empowering students to create the future. By stimulating entrepreneurship and support students and graduates who want to start their own businesses. Each year they have more than 5000 students attending inspirational activities, receive more than 300 student ideas through idea & business meetings and provide a "home" for 50 to 60 early stage startups each year in their incubator

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