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Preparing business students for a business career

April 8th - 12th, 2024

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ACC 2024 Advanced Finals

Enjoy the livestream of the finals of our Advanced teams and follow along their presentations, to find out who gets to take home the winner of Aarhus Case Competition 2024

Aarhus Case Competition

Aarhus Case Competition is an annual case competition founded in 2011. It is the biggest case competition in the Nordic countries with over 650+ participants, divided into two case tracks, Advanced and Aspire. The first track, Advanced, consists of 36 top students divided into nine teams. They are recruited from all around the world to compete in creating the best case solutions. The other track, Aspire Case Camp, is open for all students at Aarhus University, both experienced case solvers and people who are new to case solving. Throughout the week, participants in Aspire and Advanced will solve the same three cases presented by the Case Company as if they were real-life business consultants.

At Aarhus Case Competition, our mission is to prepare business students for a business career, which we believe is accomplished best through hands-on experience and collaboration with our partners.


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Do you want to test your case solving skills against the best teams around Europe?

For me the biggest impact came from going through an intense competition with our team and learning along the way.

During the competition we struggled to find a solution and story line that matched each other. We therefore multiple times had to break the working rhythm. To overcome this challenge, we went on multiple walks, as well as start over with new brainstorming sessions.

Skærmbillede 2023-12-12 kl.

Andreas Nørgaard

Winner, ACC Aspire 2023

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