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About us

Vision and Mission
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Our Mission

We want Aarhus Case Competition to become the most challenging and rewarding case competition – anticipated every year by students and the business community throughout the Nordics and Europe. Furthermore, we wish to promote a case competition culture, which will be mutually beneficial to businesses as to the educational society in Aarhus, Denmark, and the rest of the Nordic countries. ACC plans to achieve this through constant collaboration with business partners, continued focus on network expansion and improving brand recognition.

Our Vision

Aarhus Case Competition 2024 will be an exceptional event, organised in a way unlike its predecessors. This enables ACC to achieve its objective of spreading the experience of Case Solving to more students than ever. ACC 2024 strives to deliver an event with high value, professionalism and unique experiences for students all around Denmark and Europe


A vision
by Studenterlauget

"Studenterlauget is a non-profit student organization at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences. With more than 4.000 members, 300 student employees throughout the year and an annual turnover of almost 20 million DKK, they are also the biggest student organization in Denmark. They are for students by students, and this saying permeates all of their undertakings."

Committee 2020

Organising Committee 2024

The Organising Committee of Aarhus Case Competition is responsible for every aspect regarding the planning and execution of the event. The committee consists solely of voluntary students studying at Aarhus University. This year, this group of students from different educational programmes at Aarhus University is dedicated to following up on the success of previous competitions and thereby ensuring the future development of Aarhus Case Competition.

The Head Coordinators
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Frederikke Fabricius-Svendsen

BSc. in Economics and Business Administration

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Frederik Clausen


BSc. in Economics and Business Administration

Case Writers 
Business Relations
Event Coordinators
PR and Marketing 

The Advisory Board

Aarhus Case Competition is privileged to have an Advisory Board consisting of seven former ACC Head Coordinators and Committee members, whom all share a great interest in creating a professional study environment at Aarhus University, BSS. The Advisory Board's main job is to constantly improve the execution of ACC as well as continue to develop ACC in collaboration with the current Head Coordinators.


Anders Haugbølle

Anders holds an MSc. degree in Finance from AU BSS. Anders is one of the two founders of ACC and Head Coordinator in 2012. After his studies, Anders worked three years as a management consultant at McKinsey. Today, Anders is the CEO and founder of the startup No-More.

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Mathias Jakobsen

Mathias Jakobsen is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics and Management. In 2019, Mathias was part of the Event Coordinator team and subsequently took on the role as Head Coordinator for ACC 2020. In addition to his role on the ACC Advisory Board, Mathias works as a Risk Analyst at MFT-Energy.

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Jesper holds an MSc. degree in Finance. Jesper is one of the two founders of ACC and Head Coordinator in 2012. In addition to his experience from co-leading ACC 2012, he was a member of the board at Studenterlauget. Today, he is as a director at Clearwater International. 

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Ditte Storvang

Ditte Storvang graduated from Aarhus BSS in June 2020 with a Master Degree in Information Management. She started her ACC journey as Head of Event Coordinators in 2019 and became Head Coordinator in 2020. Besides being part of the Advisory Board, Ditte Storvang is currently working in a combined role as Project Manager and IT Architect within VELUX.

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Mathilde holds an MSc. degree in Economics and Management. Mathilde was Head Coordinator in 2016 and part of the Business Relations team in 2015. Besides being a part of ACC, Mathilde has attended various case competitions and is co-founder of Kvindeligt Økonomisk Netværk (KØN). She currently works as a Project Manager at LEGO.

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Sofie Rudbech Mathisen

Sofie Rudbech Mathisen graduated from Aarhus BSS in June 2020 with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication. After being part of the Event Coordinator team in 2019, she became the Head Coordinator in 2020. Besides from being part of the ACC Advisory Board, Sofie is currently working within recruitment and talent attraction as an Executive Search Consultant at Venaris Executive Search.

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Niklas holds an MSc. degree in Finance from Aarhus BSS. Niklas was Case Writer in 2016 and has participated in various case competitions incl. Aspire Case Camp and Aarhus Case Competition. He also worked at Junior Consult next to his studies. Today, Niklas is a Strategy Consultant at Ørsted Offshore Wind.

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Advisory Board

ACC's History

The idea of Aarhus Case Competition started in 2011. Jesper Agerholm and Anders Thomsen, the founders of ACC, established Aarhus Case Competition to show students the “magnificence of case competitions.” Jesper and Anders wanted to provide a case competition with open doors for any student, regardless of educational profile and background, wishing to challenge themselves. The students would gain valuable tools and improve their skill set in problem-solving through workshops and several cases. The competencies gained at a case competition are fundamental tools for analyzing and communicating in a professional environment. What the students experience during a case competition is no different from what they can expect when entering the real world outside the university. Regardless of what sector you choose to pursue a career within, a common denominator is that you usually must solve a problem and communicate your solution. Essentially, this is what a case competition is dealing with.


The first edition of Aarhus Case Competition took place in 2012. Since then, the competition has been an annual event at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences. Participating in ACC provides students with basic skills on how to approach a problem, whether that problem is within communication or finance. ACC creates a bridge between theory and practice by bringing real-life cases to the students.

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