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Boston Consulting Group is ACC's Monday Consulting Partner

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global leader in management consulting, partnering with clients across sectors and regions to uncover high-value opportunities, address critical challenges, and catalyze business transformations. As a private company with a presence in over 90 offices spanning 50 countries, BCG thrives on its commitment to innovation and strategic guidance.


“Partnering with ACC as Consulting Partner, we aim to unlock the world of consulting and introduce BCG through case solving. We are excited to challenge students curious about this field and to energize seasoned problem-solvers participating in ACC 2024.”

  • Nikolas Wilki, Associate BCG Copenhagen

Associate, BCG Copenhagen

Clientele and Industry Reach

BCG's approach to digital transformation centers on building bionic companies, a philosophy that consistently earns external recognition for its digital consulting services. Working at BCG offers the opportunity to collaborate with talented individuals on challenging strategic questions, providing practical and effective solutions. BCG Consultants operate in a supportive environment that values diversity and brings together a wealth of insights to address clients' most pressing issues.

As a pioneer in business strategy since its inception in 1963, BCG partners with leaders in business and society to confront significant challenges and seize opportunities. BCG's commitment to total transformation involves inspiring complex change, fostering organizational growth, building competitive advantage, and delivering bottom-line impact. The integration of digital and human capabilities is crucial for success, and BCG's global teams, with deep industry expertise, collaborate across the organization and client levels to generate transformative results.


Cultural Values and Career Development


BCG Denmark cultivates a culture of collaboration, creativity, and intellectual rigor. The firm values diversity and encourages continuous learning, providing its consultants with ample opportunities for professional growth and personal development. Consultants are empowered to tackle complex challenges and drive meaningful change within organizations. BCG Denmark remains a trusted partner for organizations seeking transformative solutions, leveraging global expertise and local insights to navigate the complexities of the Danish business landscape.

For prospective consultants, BCG welcomes exceptional students from various disciplines, including business, engineering, science, law, and humanities, on both B.Sc. and M.Sc. Working alongside top minds on diverse projects that reshape business, government, and society, consultants gain valuable experience, exposure to complex business problems from varied perspectives, and the skills needed for future success - whether at BCG or beyond.

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