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Taste the consulting life

Knowing how to break down and solve complex problems can have a huge impact on your career, especially if your dream is to become a management consultant. But, as you probably know, becoming a strong problem-solver is not easy. There is a big difference between knowing the theories and methods and being able to apply them on real problems. The only way to learn it is by doing – over and over again.

ACC is a great opportunity for training these vital problem-solving skills – and it gives you a real taste of what it is like working as a consultant. For Sofie T. Gildsig, one of our Management Consultants here at H&B, ACC had a direct impact on her career path. This is her story.

What was your experience with ACC?

Participating in ACC is probably one of the most significant and defining experiences I had during my studies. Solving a real business case in that intense and inspiring environment was tremendously educational.

It put all my problem-solving skills to work and trained my ability to approach a complex challenge strategically, tactically and creatively. In addition, ACC allowed me to connect with passionate and likeminded people from all over Scandinavia. It was an incredibly fun experience.

How do you use the learnings from ACC in your job today?

Becoming a strong problem-solver is not done overnight. It requires hard work, dedication and a lot of practise. However, during just this one week, ACC gave me concrete problem-solving tools that I have built on and developed since then.

Today, this allows me to solve complex challenges for our ambitious clients in H&B. Right now, for example, I work within insurance, and here the constant changes in customer preferences put great pressure on the need for developing resilient long-term business strategies.

Looking back, how has ACC affected your career?

A case competition like ACC is one of the best ways for students to experience how it is like working as a consultant. Some people like it and others do not. For me, it was like coming home. It sparked my excitement for working problem-based, and it kick-started my journey into consulting.

It also gave me the opportunity to meet interesting people who were all passionate about case-solving like me. Some of them have become my close friends with whom I often discuss personal and professional development.

In the shoes of an H&B consultant

Working in H&B means constant development, professionally as well as personally. Not one day is the same, and every task is an opportunity for learning and improving. Besides helping our clients solve complex challenges, which is of course the primary part of the job, the daily work in H&B consists of many other value-adding activities.

Here is a sneak peek of a typical week for a management consultant:


Frichsparken | Søren Frichs Vej 42L | DK-8230 Åbyhøj Esplanaden | Esplanaden 7 | DK-1263 København K | CVR. 38 02 48 92

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