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Aarhus Case Competition is the perfect training ground

H&B’s Management Analysts Sophie Bjørn and Anne Katrine Troelsen explain how solving and breaking down complex problems by participating and preparing for case competitions is a great way to learn how it is like to work in consulting. Through the studies, you will often gain a lot of theoretical and methodical knowledge but participating in case competitions is a unique opportunity to put your skills and competencies into practice. Our Management Analysts, Sophie Bjørn and Anne Katrine Troelsen, both got familiar with problem-solving by participating in case competitions before working at H&B | Hildebrandt & Brandi.

What is it like being a student and working as a Management Analyst?

Sophie Bjørn

For me, working as a Management Analyst at H&B is a perfect way to get to know the management consulting industry alongside being a student. My interest in management consulting was awakened by preparing and participating in case competitions and working as a Management Analyst allow me to use these problem-solving skills in professional settings. What I really like about participating in case competitions is the possibility to work with complex, real-life business problems and get hands-on experience, which I won’t get from my studies. At H&B, I get to develop the tools that I started practising in case competitions - especially by working alongside experienced consultants.

How do you use your learnings from case competitions in your work at H&B?

Last year, I was a member of a team from Aarhus BSS that competed in an international case competition. Through this process, I had the opportunity to meet consultants from H&B, and this was my way into the job as a Management Analyst at H&B. The problem-solving tools that I acquired through case competitions was a key factor for me during the job interviews at H&B. Especially, the ability to break down a complex problem was something that I actively made use of in the interview process.

What kind of projects do you get to work on as a Management Analyst?

Anne Katrine Troelsen

Our projects are within Strategy Organisation, Operational Excellence

and Commercial Excellence – three subject areas that we call chapters. During my time as a Management Analyst, I have worked on projects in all three chapters, which I find extremely exciting. Specifically, the work I do ranges from preparing for and presenting at client meetings, building Excel models and conducting interviews. I am greatly motivated by the responsibility that I have, how I learn something new from every project and the passionate teams that I am part of.

How was the start at H&B and what surprised you the most?

I started in H&B in May 2018 and was surprised by the warm welcome I received. On my very first day, I met everyone at the office for breakfast, and in the evening I went out for dinner with the peer-group of Management Consultants I am part of. There were many social events during my first month, and I worked at our offices in both Aarhus and Copenhagen, which provided great opportunities to meet everyone. I quickly realized that the culture at H&B is unique – we know each other well, and we always work as a team.


Frichsparken | Søren Frichs Vej 42L | DK-8230 Åbyhøj

Esplanaden | Esplanaden 7 | DK-1263 København K | CVR. 38 02 48 92

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