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From Aarhus BSS to digital transformations - meet Rasmus Korsager Ørtoft, Director at VENZO

Previously this week, we spoke to Rasmus Korsager Ørtoft, Director at VENZO business consulting, about his time as a student at Aarhus University and his life as a consultant. VENZO is a management consulting firm specializing in digital transformation, and VENZO is this year’s digitalization partner at Aarhus Case Competition. Rasmus will be judging the Aspire Finals in week 15.

The life of Rasmus Korsager Ørtoft

Rasmus is a previous student at Aarhus BSS. In 2013, he graduated with a Cand.merc in Finance and International Business, and from here, it was natural to pursue a career in consulting. After eight years in Copenhagen, Rasmus is now back in Aarhus. He is responsible for opening VENZO’s Jutland-based office located at Aarhus Ø - and he admits it does feel good to be back ‘home’.

While studying, Rasmus landed a job as a student assistant at IBM, which sparked his interest in the convergence of business and IT. Rasmus was also part of the ACC Committee in 2012, working with Business Relations as his main area of responsibility.

When asked about the essential skills needed as a consultant, Rasmus emphasizes asking the right questions and being down-to-earth when engaging with clients. He also strongly believes the best solutions are developed in collaboration with the client.

Rasmus Korsager Ørtoft, Director, VENZO_ business consulting
“It is essential to meet clients at eye level and listen to their needs, spend less time making fancy slides, and instead focus on useful dialogue to create real value.” - Rasmus Korsager Ørtoft, Director, VENZO_ business consulting

For this reason, Rasmus feels right at home at VENZO.

Who is VENZO - the digitalization partner of ACC 2021?

VENZO is organized as an ecosystem of autonomous teams, each specializing in specific fields such as data analysis, design thinking, cybersecurity, and integration, to name but a few. With agility being one of VENZO’s main priorities, they combine the best from corporate with a start-up mentality to provide the best solutions for their clients.

The journey began in Copenhagen in 2007, and today VENZO counts over 160 dedicated employees – the vast majority still based in the capital. Over the last few years, VENZO has grown exponentially but is still maintaining its agile mindset.

The VENZO office

“There is no doubt the future will be increasingly digital. At VENZO, we are proud to help companies, small and large, succeed in the digital age.”

Rasmus clearly recalls the first days in the office on Aarhus Ø, and says that the company’s expansion to the Western part of Denmark has far exceeded the expectations. In his eyes, it is clear that VENZO is only moving forward - and they are doing so at an impressing speed. To Rasmus, it is exciting to be part of this journey, and he is looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for VENZO.

Back at Aarhus BSS for Aarhus Case Competition 2021

For now, Rasmus is looking forward to once again being back with the ACC Committee. At Aarhus Case Competition 2021, he will be a part of the judges' panel for this year's Aspire Finals. He is excited to see how the students will perform and is especially looking forward to seeing the students’ collaboration skills, creative thinking, and how they transform complex data into visual presentations.

“Aarhus Case Competition helps expand the students’ case solving skills with tools to solve real-life cases and prepare one for challenges unlike what you face in your lectures"

Rasmus fondly looks back on his life as a student and his time in the ACC committee. To him, the value of events like ACC should not be understated as they help students gain invaluable insights in preparing for a business career and learning how consultants work.

However, he especially emphasizes the importance of having fun and enjoying the process meanwhile.

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